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  • Location scouting

  • location management

  • location coordination

  • assigning film crews

  • arranging film equipment

  • casting models/actors for various photo and film shootings including TV, commercials

  • promotion videos, music videos and internet contents.

  • We are happy to assist you with your next photo or film shooting for TV shows, commercials, magazines, music and promotion videos.

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management service

  • Research: brainstorming ideas, verifying the contents of the film script, obtaining necessary licenses, investigation etc.

  • Setup: applying for photo/film shooting permits, appointment coordination, organizing shooting scenes and sets, arranging insurances, film crew & equipment, planning the schedule, import/export of film equipments

  • Location Scouting: investigating and selecting locations, meetings, inspections

  • Shooting: location coordination, location management, interpretation etc.

  • Post production research: summarizing interviews, verifying contents, applying for reproduction licences, etc.

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Complete package

・Low budget video production

・Meeting, planning, location scouting, script writing

・Editing (adding titles, background music, tickers, narration, voice-over, etc., if desired)

*If you are interested in our products, please click on the following link.

Film crew / model

  • Movie cameraman

  • Photo cameraman

  • Audio engineer

  • Video engineer

  • Lighting technician

  • Cameraman with Sound/Light engineering skills

  • Line Producer

  • Chauffeur

  • Assistant

  • Model, actor, comedian, musician, stuntman, extras

Film equipment

  • Camera equipment <ENG, HDV, Arri film, Photo camera, Gopro etc>

  • Audio equipment

  • Light equipment

  • Grip

  • Stage equipment


  • Vehicle for film crew (sedan, van, bus)

  • Car hire

  • Accommodation

  • Arranging studios and shooting locations

  • Audition, casting


  1. Customer inquiry – Email, Fax, Telephone

  2. We will try our best to send you our answers and offer as soon as possible.

  3. Please request / negotiate / change / cancel (Up to this point, nothing has been arranged).

  4. Please confirm the services and pay the requested amount until the provided deadline. The payment condition depends on each project (partial or full prepayment, credit card). Pre-production research could be subject to fees.

  5. Location coordination service

  6. We will send you an invoice

  7. The full invoiced amount must be paid until the provided deadline. Depending on the project, the full amount could be divided into several invoices.

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